Add a new user

This feature is only available for use with specific rights and permissions.
Adding a new user to your domain is very simple. Follow these steps:

  • On the top right corner click on the cog/settings icon
  • Then click on the on the “Users” list option
  • Then click on the “Add User” button
  • Enter all of the information about the new user
  • Finally, click on “save”

You can now send an email to the new user with his new password or choose to only send him a notice that his account has been created and request him to use the lost password function to retrieve his password.

Important information

If you choose a role that required a selection of an entity, you have to select at least one value in the list proposed. If you want to select more than one value, you will have to press and hold the “Ctrl” button while selecting the options.

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